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New sponsor announcement

Young Mums Support Network are the new primary sponsor for the Mummy Memoir Podcast hosted by our ambassador Sheryl

Mummy Memoirs Podcast

Encouraging and empowering single mums from all backgrounds and phases of their single mother journey. Sheryl delves into ALL areas of motherhood & fatherhood consistently providing real, raw and authentic conversations every week. Take a listen…this platform will be relevant and insightful to all, even if you’re not a single parent.

Episode 1 Motherhood:

‘They actually make it look easy on social media’

Episode 2 Sacrifice & Forgiveness:

“What you value determines what you will sacrifice”

Episode 3 Fatherhood & Parenting:

“All of a sudden I see a letter through my post saying child maintenance”

Episode 4: Self Love & Achieving Your Goals As A Mother

“I got my eyebrows done in the afternoon whilst I was having contractions”

Episode 5: Dealing with resentment and overcoming this feeling

“Let go of that toxic burden”

Episode 6: Fatherhood, Gender Roles, Dating & more

I don’t think a man is here to show how to love that’s a woman’s job”

Episode 7: Domestic Violence, Health Scare during pregnancy & more

“One day he could hit me and I could die”

Episode 8: Married Mum Life, Depression, Breastfeeding & more

“Mental health is seen as a taboo in our community”

Episode 9: The breakup, discipline, introducing new partners to your kid & more

“My biggest fear is guys around my child.. I wouldn’t want some guy sneaking around whilst my kid is sleeping”

Episode 10:Blended Family, Marriage & more

“I said to him, I don’t want to go into the new year as your girlfriend, 2 months after we started dating he proposed”

Episode 11: “I don’t understand why should feel like we’re doing any less than people who are married.

“In episode 11, I have a mummy to the cutest 3 year old son. We had a really down to earth conversation about all things motherhood, developing our faith with God, starting new families are loads more. “

Episode 12: “Since I’ve left my parents house we haven’t spoken……they haven’t met my son”

“In episode 12, I have a mummy, Liz, to the most adorable and CUTEST little boy (when I say cutest that is an understatement). She was so transparent & brave sharing her story. She opened up about her journey into motherhood. We spoke about the struggles she’s faced as a single mother, the breakdown in her relationship with her parents, her birth story and so much more.”

Episode 13: ‘Black Maternal Mental Health “When we do not feel safe to speak up we suffer”

“This week, I’ve teamed up with Sandra, founder of @themotherhoodgroup, and who was running a campaign this week to promote Black Maternal Mental Health Week this week.”

Episode 14: Her Story !Warning this episode touches on ‘manipulation, controlling behaviour and abuse’

“It’s important that we raise awareness to the different types of abuse women may experience in order to give them strength to leave and recognize the toxic situation they may be in. “