YMSN were delighted to be invited to participate in PwC’s programme of activities celebrating National Inclusion Week during 23-27th September.

Fiona, Tom and Alice visited PwC’s Embankment Place offices to have an informal chat with staff and tell them about YMSN’s range of activities and support that we provide for young mothers in London.

This was a fantastic opportunity to enter a corporate environment and spread the word about YMSN!

YMSN are members of PwC’s social entrepreneurs club of which there are now 300 participants. Membership entitles access to a range of support including one to one mentoring, group coaching sessions, workshops and masterclasses, peer learning and networking events. In addition there are  bespoke mentoring services available which focus on capacity building, supply chain access and tailored project support. All of these are essential for growing successful and sustainable businesses while enhancing social mobility and inclusivity.

Involvement at this event enabled the team to showcase their work, and discuss the impact of their various groups for mums and how they foster a sense of inclusion within their communities.

PwC’s principle beliefs state that “it’s about coming together and creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong”

and this echoes YMSN’s core values that everyone should have an opportunity to find support and develop skills to empower them and enable them to grow emotionally and professionally.

During their talks with the employees at PwC the YMSN team discovered that they felt that there was a sense of inclusion and flexibility in their workplace. However, several mothers that we spoke to said that there was definitely scope for the introduction of additional support for working mums to decrease a common sense of having to juggle multiple work and family commitments and the isolation that often accompanies this. YSMN would love the opportunity to start a dialogue with PwC about how they can facilitate that.

This is the first time that PwC has run activities for national inclusion week and YMSN were pleased to participated and look forward to a continuing involvement with the social entrepreneurs programme.