What YMSN achieved in 2018

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Life at the Hub

Since 2018 we have been running a weekly sewing class in the Hub at Griffin Primary School in Wandsworth. The sewing class is proving to be a popular club for a diverse range of women, who come to develop their skills – and with them, their self-esteem and confidence. The class has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Both regulars and newcomers work together, to share ideas and help each other with their creative activities.

What our Users say

Our current project is designing and making cushion covers for reading
corners in school classrooms. It is obvious from the quotes below how much everyone enjoyed this.

“The class is relaxing and encourages me to join in with community activity.”

“It’s been a way for me to get out of the house while I’m not working.”

“Class helps me get confident with sewing. Relaxing class and wonderful ideas.”

Our Community-centric Garden

We are working with an organisation called Roots and Shoots to improve our garden space. Over the years, it had suffered a level of neglect. This will directly benefit both the school and extended community. Roots and Shoots plan to work with us to develop a garden design that’s easy to maintain and maximises growing space. We are forming a gardening club to maintain the garden on a regular basis, and the garden space will give access to the school’s key stage 1 ‘nurture group’.

Ladies Lunch Success

Young Mums Support Network has teamed up with The Grub Club to run an exciting new cooking course at the Hub. The Grub Club supports families to develop the cooking skills and nutritional knowledge they need to make the best food choices for a healthy family life. Working as a team with the support of a head chef, the women who attend have been preparing meals that are high in nutritional value and tasty too.

Our Ongoing commitment: Advance Charity in Hammersmith

Throughout 2018, YMSN has continued to work closely with Advance Charity at their women’s centre in Hammersmith. YMSN deliver programmes for women at risk of domestic violence and abuse, and additionally, for women offenders who are mothers. YMSN run the Bespoke Parenting Programme to help support women build positive relationships, and look at feelings around identity, attachment, guilt and love. This programme allows mothers to look at varied topics. These include family routines and making positive lifestyle choices for their children. Furthermore, in the New Year we will be delivering a creative class at the Hammersmith centre.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lastly, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will see you all in 2019!