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YMSN was set up by Fiona Small, in 2011.

Fiona’s vision was to create a place where young mothers could find support and training through programs that would empower them to make informed decisions about their lives and relationships. Today, YMSN is a Registered CIC that does just that.

Our main objective is simple:

empower, coach and help young mothers realise and achieve their goals.

We offer young women access to educational support and training aimed at developing skills and gaining wider access to employment. Through partnerships with local communities and charities, we provide a pathway to free training courses.

And it’s not only professional development we focus on: YMSN provides mediation, counseling services and victim support. We aim to equip young mothers with everything they need to be successful mothers and successful women - from sexual health services to parental workshops.

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YMSN Impact Map

I never enjoyed cooking so most of the meals I had with my children were from the takeaway or ready meals. At first I went to the Ladies Lunch just for the social bit but within a couple of weeks I found I enjoyed taking part in preparing and cooking foods. It made me realise I could be feeding my children better food and saving money. We have healthier meals now, with vegetables included- something I never bothered with before. I am grateful to the YMSN team who have been supportive and friendly at all times.

SamanthaYoung Mum

I met Fiona when I was pregnant. One of the many things that kept me going to her groups was the fact that it was for young mums so I didn’t feel like the odd one out. When my daughter was 8 months I became homeless and had no where to go with my daughter. I rang Fiona and although it was a struggle, by the end of the day, we were half way to a result. Fiona was an amazing support and I don’t know how I would have got through to the housing association without her. She supports us young mums more than anyone. I could not thank her enough.

MiaYoung Mum