This has been a really difficult time for all our community of Mums, who have had to bear the brunt of lockdown, home schooling, entertainer and keeper of the peace to say nothing of reduced funding and access to support.

Our staff have been doing a great job moving as much of our content online so that we can continue to reach as many mums as possible and this project is continuing to take shape with generous support from our sponsors and clients. And all the time they have been under the same pressures of managing their homes and home schooling and finding some time in the day to get the work done.

So, a big thank you to them for their quiet determination to get things done and provide the service we so want to deliver.

To our participants, whilst we have been unable to continue the community activities and workshops that we were running, we know that those of you who have accessed the online support have found this really useful and we would encourage everyone to have a look at the various posts and online chats that we are doing.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our share a stare competition and well done to our lucky and talented winners whose entries are now on the website.

We are active across social media so please join the community, find the support you need and support each other.