It has been great to get the first entries into the Share A Stare competition. We hope they inspire you to give it a go. Don’t forget to send your drawing, painting, story or poem to us at before Friday 5th June.

I’m staring at a tree this morning. It has a dark grey-brown trunk, it looks very hard.

Two weeks ago it had a mass of small white flowers with a gorgeous scent; now they’re gone and in their place are small dark green buds of fruit that will slowly ripen over the summer. The tree is dense with strong, green, pointed leaves, shining in the sun; but what do they hide?

Somewhere in this tree a pair of doves has built a nest; we see them perching on a lower branch, twig in beak to strengthen the nest, because you can tell that babies have hatched. We cant see them, stare as we might, but we know they are there.
Tom 70+