Had enough of being a mum on benefits?

Ready to get back into the working world?

Ready Steady Work is here for you.

Had enough of being a mum on benefits? If you’re ready to get back into the working world but don’t know where to start then Ready Steady Work is here for you.

Employers are becoming aware of the large numbers of women who , after taking a career break, want to get back in business. Many of these employers are launching programs to do just that. If this sounds like you then you are a valuable resource to them!

Ready Steady Work can help connect you with these employers, giving you the opportunity to build skills that can launch you on the path to success. Currently YMSN is collaborating with Tesco Community to connect mums to the jobs they want. 

Our program works with you to develop

  • CV Skills – Putting the best face on your skills and experience so you stand out from the others.
  • Communication Skills – Listening, speaking and writing. Honing your skills in understanding other people, and expressing yourself clearly and professionally.
  • Teamwork – Showcasing how you can work with and bring out the best in others.
  • Problem-Solving Skills – How to tackle issues in a professional manner.
  • Time Management Skills – Organising, planning, prioritising and multi-tasking.
  • Computer Literacy – Getting a good basic understanding of computer skills and software.
  • Learning Skills – Employers often want their staff to grow and develop with the job; understanding the mindset that goes with that can make you an attractive candidate.
  • Strong Work Values – Being positive, honest, reliable and trustworthy.

We can help you build confidence and polish your skills so that you get back to work feeling like your best self!


Ready Steady Work



Our Aim

Connecting  Mums to the jobs they want

Ready Steady Work


The sessions have been very good for my self-confidence. It has helped me recognise skills I already possessed and learn to better present them. We felt more valued as people.

We enjoyed the role-play and talks with the group. We learned a great deal and feel better prepared for the workplace.

I appreciated how end-goal-focused the course was. We all had a strong feeling of needing to find work as soon as possible and Ready Steady Work was unusually good at supporting that goal.

Ready Steady Work was a 'safe place' where we could discuss our lives as a whole without judgement, including difficult subjects that we wouldn't be comfortable sharing with everyone

We learned to be more open-minded towards other people and trusted that our confidentiality would be respected. Also we could be honest about the challenges we face in a supportive environment.

The atmosphere of Ready Steady Work was warm and embracing. I felt welcome, we were treated as unique individuals who were empowered to bring out the best in each other.

Fiona very much understood where we were coming from and was able to establish a strong rapport with us. Our group quickly felt like a community and as if we had known each other for a long time.

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