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The first time I met Fiona at the children’s centre she brought a welcoming energy unlike other staff. Fiona has been very supportive with my ideas and has given me advice on what I need to do to achieve my goals. When Fiona invited me to ladies lunch I was excited. It gets young mums cooking and socialising together. We also had group talks, one was about our doctors surgery which I think was useful to talk about, so hopefully a change could be made in the future. I also like the fact that Fiona always values your opinion on the service. I think Fiona has done a great job and put a lot of effort into doing this service for us mums. Thanks Fiona!

Young Mum

I am a mother of three who has just started her own business. With the demands that come with being a mother going to the Ladies Lunch was a great experience - it was so lovely to relax and enjoy the company of other women. I am a competent cook, but Danielle showed me some new techniques and the end result was lovely. We had honest and frank discussions and could speak about issues pertaining to us in a girlfriend vibe. We talked about relationships and what it takes to make or break them. We also had a healthy discussion about maintaining black hair and how important it is for us as black women to be responsible in caring for daughters hair as the wealth of resources is unlimited at the moment. I would highly recommend for any young mum to go - If not for the good conversation and life skills, go for the food!!

Young Mum

I met Fiona when I was pregnant with my Daughter. I attended the YMSN group to get to know the other girls, some pregnant and some with children already. One of the many things that kept me going to the group was the fact that it was for young mums like myself so I didn’t feel left out or like the only person there who was a young mum. Fiona was very welcoming and made me feel more than comfortable. She includes every one and also knows how to make a group not only fun for the kids but fun for the young mums as well. When my daughter was eight months old, my partner left me and lost his job so I was made homeless with no where to go with my daughter. Fiona was there for me and although it was a struggle, she helped me get the result from the housing association that I needed. She gave me amazing support and I don’t know how I would have even got though to the housing without her. Fiona supports us young mums more than anyone, and I could not thank her enough.

Young Mum

From the first day I attended the children centre, Fiona was very welcoming and there was a good atmosphere. She was always very positive, always had a smile on her face and was very trusting, especially towards your ideas and plans: Nothing was impossible. Fiona always tried to help where she could and was very easy to talk to. While attending the Children’s Centre, I met a lot of new mums and their children, but one young mum and myself, clicked from the start, we have had a friendship ever since - All thanks to YMSN! Fiona tried very hard to get me back into work. Fiona always made sure you didn’t give up and I am currently in part time work and still Fiona is there. I am thankful to have met such a positive woman

Young Mum

I have known Fiona for over 6 years and was immediately moved by her passion and drive to support others. She is a positive role model to many and demonstrates that triumph overcomes adversity. She has worked hard to change the lives of many women, both here and in the Jamaica, and does so with conviction. She works tirelessly to influence and impact local and national agenda's and is a key influencer within her community. It is a pleasure to partner and support the Jamaican mentoring programme as this is another positive example of her supporting her community as it is a much needed cause and does so without the need for applause. She is a role model, activist, influencer and a woman of influence.

Sonia MeggieCEO - Inspirational You

I had contacted young mums support network earlier in the year and got side-tracked by life so never got round to getting back to them. Fortunately, they sent me an email inviting me for a one-to-one phone call, an approach they are taking under the new COVID restrictions.
I spoke to Fiona who really uplifted my day. I didn't just get advice, I got real human mum to mum conversation. She reminded me that I still have every opportunity to live the life I want and she validated a lot of the things I was feeling about my situation. I left the phone call feeling energised and like my life had just gained a new dimension, after being seen as only Raphs Mum, for the past 2 years. I'm excited to get involved with this community - thank you Fiona!

Rachael Kasule