Our Crowdfunding Appeal Success!

Our crowdfunding appeal success has now been achieved, and it is an understatement to say how utterly delighted we are. Meeting the financial target of £21.129 was no easy feat. In fact, it was a journey full of highs and lows, as we pulled out all of our resources, and met and talked to every single individual and organisation who might consider donating. It was both exhilarating and exhausting. But how did we get from where we began to where we are now?

The Crowdfunding Journey

We began our official journey on September 5th. 2018. Our launch party took place for our Make the House a Home appeal at the new business premises currently being built at Battersea Power Sation. The room very much felt like a bunker, as the temperature was slightly cool and the outside world continued to make its presence felt with the sound of trains coming and going overhead. Far from being a distraction, the emotions of the moment gave way to some powerful and impassioned speeches; the perfect anecdotes to motivate our attendees to donate!

Words of encouragement from London Mayor, Sadiq Khan

When London Mayor, Sadiq Khan heard of our crowdfunding appeal, he took the time to send a letter to wish us well. This provided us with a morale boost and fired us up with the motivation required for that all-important big push forwards. Our campaign now felt very real and imminent! He stated:

” You are part of a new wave of Londoners, with pioneering spirit, contributing fresh ideas to help shape the future of your neighbourhoods and our city. This attitude is crucial to my vision for stronger more integrated communities. I encourage you to continue to show ambition and commitment on behalf of your community, helping to foster a strong sense of civic pride. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. “


YMSN Kickstart for a Fresh Start!

The launch of our crowdfunding event was a wonderful evening full of optimism and anticipation. The positive vibes were felt by everyone, as the whole team talked about what the appeal meant to them, and how the funds raised could be implemented to support impoverished, stigmatised or struggling mums to learn new skills and take those small steps to become more confident and independent. Overall, we raised a staggering £6000 on the night – what a start! Our CEO, Fiona Small reflects on the evening.

YMSN Crowdfunding launch 05.09.2018

A Message from YMSN CEO, Fiona Small

“We launched our Space Hive crowdfunding campaign at the right time. but in all honesty, there is never a right time. We had an incredible level of support from Spacehive and Battersea power station. Yet the launch date was the day schools returned for the autumn term. Concerns over turnout resonated with me. Who would be available? Who would actually make the effort to come along? Problems problems, but believe me when I say it was alright on the night! More than anything, the event solidified in my own thoughts that you can not do anything without a great team of people around you.

YMSN CEO, Fiona Small

A HUGE thank you to Tom Peyton, Sarah Capel, Cindy Nguyen and Ellis Evans for the immense support they gave me. The most significant thing I learnt was that you have to keep going because situations are never perfect. My advice? MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts!

Our call-to-action appeared to touch a nerve with a multitude of people, as many of the funds raised came from individuals who felt compelled by our story. We want to thank each and every one of our 134 backers. You have empowered so many young mums to take those initial steps into a new independent life where they are valued and appreciated. We would also like to give a special shout out to the organisations who got us to the finishing line. These are Optivo and the L&Q Foundation. These final contributions made all the difference to people whose voices are not easily heard.