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Fiona Small is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

She is the founder and director of the Young Mums Support Network which she launched in 2011.

Her desire to reach out to young mums, and open up the conversation on this often divisive topic, has given Fiona a well-established media platform to address the real issues many young mothers face. Due to her tireless community work, Fiona has won numerous awards for her contribution to the lives of women and communities. These include; the 2017 UK community Award for Honouring Inspirational Mothers, alongside the 2018 Mother of Magnificence Award from icare.

Fiona says: “Before I launched the Young Mums Support Network, I enrolled on a business start-up course. This experience gave me the ability to develop detailed programmes which facilitated the growth and success of the organisation. Due to this, I am now in a position to advise other women in a similar position, to where I was when I began my incredible journey. Assisting others, whether an individual or organisation, is a challenge I absolutely relish!”

She has represented the voices of women and communities
through a broad range of media,

including the BBC and national radio networks. She has also attended high-powered forums at 10 Downing Street to raise concerns on the effects of modern society on young mothers. She now collaborates with a broad range of agencies from FareShare to the Trussell Trust, alongside FTSE 100 corporations such as Tesco and local authorities.

Since 2011, Fiona has shown how commitment, hard work and dedication can pay off. She has a wealth of business experience which she now wants to share with like-minded people and corporations. She is available for public speaking, workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions. To discover how Fiona can assist you or your business, please do contact her.