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I’m a mother off a 20 month old baby girl,

I had thought about getting some sort of childcare

arranged for a few months, 

but I have recently moved cities and work has started to get more busy for me recently, so I decided to take the plunge to start researching and get something organised. I was quite anxious about starting the process to begin with, and making sure I have found the best place for my daughter as well as the facilities that are offered.

Luckily I was recommended an amazing childminder

who lives about 10 minutes from myself,

I had a meeting with the childminder and was shown around, the facilities she offers is amazing and there was so much space! I felt so much at ease after having my meeting, and going through the policies, and contract and how we would start the process.

My daughter started with the childminder 2 weeks ago, and she does two morning sessions a week. At first I was quite excited about the whole process, I purchased a backpack for my daughter, and made a nice lunch to take with her.

Once I had dropped her to the childminders

I started to feel anxious when I left her,

as I could hear her crying once I had actually left. The childminder reassured me that it’s completely normal for children to be upset at first, but it’s all about settling and soon she will adjust. The childminder has also set up a whats app group where she gives me regular updates and sends images through, which  was also helpful.

When I went to pick up my daughter ,she seemed a-lot more happier

and was quite social with the other children which I was really pleased with!

On the plus side of things for myself as a mother I felt like I could get on with my tasks from work and managed to squeeze in other errands. As a mother it can be such a struggle to keep focused and also concentrate on your own work or even your own personal development, I have learnt in this whole process it really does take a village to help raise a child!

So far I’m very pleased with my experience with a childminder and my child is also developing and happy!