At Young Mums’ Support Network we understand that as a mum, you have many roles to play and the home accountant may be one of them!

Taking control over your finances can seem like a daunting task but it can really take some weight off of your shoulders, knowing your family’s incomings and outgoings.

In this downloadable “Moneyflow” excel spreadsheet, you can take control of your finances in a simple and flexible way and will assist you with managing your weekly, monthly and yearly finances better. This is a manual way of tracking your expenditures, so you will have to go through your online bank statements to fill out the spreadsheet as accurately as possible.

When you open up the spreadsheet you will be presented with an example page; here you will find notes on some of the cells to help you navigate through the spreadsheet.

On the next tab you will find a “Monthly amounts” tab. This is where you can input your regular monthly incomes, outgoings and savings. This will help you to see how you use your money in a simple way and gain an understanding of what needs to be done; I.e. whether you need to minimise your outgoings, maximise your income or save more each month.

Next, you have a tab for every month of the year and on each month’s tab you have a section for each week of that month. You can customise the weekly outgoings section to suit your personal preference.

Start to fill in the spreadsheet from around the date you’ve received it. Once you get into the habit of filling it out, it will become a lot easier to track your spending habits and to save.

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