For the last 10 years, the Young Mums Support Network team have been known for providing numerous programs and an outlet and safe place to support young mothers

Fiona Small, the founder, and a young mother herself, knew how important it was that young women had this space and was passionate towards instilling them with confidence, making them aware of their skills whilst also nurturing these to encourage their self-development.

The past couple of years has been difficult to say the least, and YMSN continues to help whilst adapting our programs to support the new norms and conform to the new society demands. We’ve formulated new projects, with this in mind to ensure that we are assisting all mums, as well new mums, with everyday issues such as wellbeing, career, motherhood and finances. We understand the difficulties people are facing with money and how these may trigger feelings of anxiety and panic. Worrying about money is known to lead to sleep problems that can affect your social life and relationships.

This led to our new project with Income Max, which aims to assist with managing finances and to ensure that families are getting the benefits they are entitled to. We’ll also help with debt management and provide a friendly and sympathetic voice to resolve difficult and sensitive problems surrounding money. For the home, we are working with the UK Power Network, to assist them in getting more families to sign up to the Priority Service Register, which provides a helpful service to families with children under 5 and other vulnerable groups in the event of a power cut.

Other projects we are working on

include fitness classes, a goals and accountability group, as well as peer to peer support for mothers with children who have additional needs. Our aim is help in all aspects of motherhood and play a part in providing the support for ongoing improved maternal mental health.