Yesterday evening (5th September), our official launch party for our Make the House a Home crowdfunder was a great success, raising nearly a thousand pounds in a single night with more promised! We’re feeling full of optimism, and very proud and grateful to have launched with such generous people.

The launch was held in the new business premises currently being built around Battersea Power Station, in a rather cool underground room where we could hear the trains rumbling overhead. Guests got to see our promotional video, YMSN team members speeches in which we shared her passion for helping impoverished, stigmatised or struggling mums live the lives they and their children deserve, and we took donations through an online pledging station.

We’d like to share with you the speech given by Sarah Capel, our Creative Design Coordinator, as we feel it really captures the spirit of why we’re doing this:

Sarah Capel

My name is Sarah and I run the weekly sewing class at the House at
Griffin Primary. I want to quickly paint a picture of how a simple class teaching a mixture of hand and machine sewing, can have a really positive impact on a mum’s everyday life.

On return to class after the Easter holiday, one mum proudly reported that she had repaired her daughter’s ripped school shirt, saving herself the time and expense of going out and buying a new one. One keen student decided to invest in her own sewing machine to make clothes for her family and friends.
And another used the trusting and supportive environment we have created at the house to open up about her long-standing mental health problems, enabling us to refer her to more specialist services.

We have been able to develop these skills and interests, and foster these trusting relationships because we turn up every week and welcome women whether they’re regulars or are attending the class for the first time.

We now need your support to continue to be there every week for some of our community’s most isolated and vulnerable mothers.

Sarah CapelCreative Design Coordinator

This is a description of the impact of just one of our courses; with Make the House a Home, we’ll be adding more, and reaching ever greater numbers of people.

Our Spacehive page will be open until 17 November. The minimum donation is £2, and if that’s all you can afford to donate, believe us, we’d be delighted with it.

The way Spacehive works, we need to make our full funding goal by the deadline (£22,117 including Spacehive fees) in order to receive any money at all – if we don’t meet it, all pledges are cancelled and the donors keep their money – so every penny counts!

Please click your way on over and join the marvellous people who are supporting Make the House a Home.

It’s been a wonderful start to the project; stay with us as we go onwards and upwards.