Laverne Thomas; YMSN Administrator , Project Manager

Lockdown has been an EXPERIENCE. Something I never imagined would happen.

There's been some ups and downs, however, overall I can only be grateful for the positives it has brought into my life. I finally had a chance to just stop. I wasn't working for the majority of the first lockdown and I was actually quite pleased. I had time - Time to think, time to myself and time to get to know my children on a whole new level. They're even funnier than I thought!

We have had a chance to really just live and laugh, especially during the summer months. We loved it. I think out of it all, the toughest thing has been adapting to homeschooling. I really take my hat off to teachers - I do not know how they do it!

The amount of growth I’ve experienced in these past several months has been life changing.

By chance, at the beginning of 2021 Fiona informed me of an administrator position at YMSN. I couldn’t believe my luck as I wasn’t actively looking for a job as I’d been home just working on personal development and other business ventures. It came at a great time and with my new mindset (adopted during lockdown) I was ready to take on this new chapter. And boy, what a challenge it’s been. Since starting my new role at YMSN, I have literally hit the ground running!

In a short space of time I’ve done so much and I’ve learned a lot. It has not been easy and it’s taken me some time getting used to everything, however, the job has been hugely rewarding so far.

I am a young mother of 2, a 17 year old and an 8 year old so YMSN is a company very close to my heart.

In only 2 months I’ve worked on some great projects and have had the opportunity of meeting many women in business. One being Chanel Ambrose, our new Ambassador – she truly is an inspiration having founded the UK’s first black talent influencer agency and growing a brand all whilst raising a family. We recently had a virtual afternoon tea where we discussed motherhood and the International Women’s day theme #choosetochallenge. We all got dressed up and had a girly chat over tea – not your typical admin role is it?!

My favourite project to date has been our Lockdown Stories. I was lucky enough to be project manager on this and interviewed some strong and resilient mothers – it was such a pleasure speaking with them all and meeting some of their babies. It’s been amazing listening to other mothers tell their account of how lockdown has been for them. It’s safe to say we have all been through it! I hope Boris lets us out to play soon – I miss socialising so much!

Lockdown Stories

Watch Our Lockdown Stories

I’m enjoying working for YMSN and looking forward to working on other projects throughout the year.

I believe I have this role for a reason and it’s a part of my journey – “Nothing ever happens before it’s time”, is something Fiona says often. Fiona and I are complete opposites in the way in which we work, however, it just works! And really well! It’s a pleasure working with her and learning from a female boss! She’s truly inspiring. Nipsey Hussle said,  “the highest human act is to inspire” and ultimately that is one of my life goals for other young mothers.