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Finding out my child could have a disability made my pregnancy difficult

in regards to my health and wellbeing.

Even though I knew it was a possibility I accepted it and went through with the pregnancy and gave birth to my blessing who was a solider and made mummy a stronger fighter.

My life completely changed,

I had to fight for what my son needed/required and put in the work to understand his disability and what to expect.
I became his PA, arranging all that he did, going back and forth to appointments and whatever else life threw at us. My life was on hold and my goals and aspirations took a back seat.

This taught me so much about myself and made me a better person.

I was more humble, compassionate, understanding, proactive, assertive and it brought out so many of my great qualities that I didn’t even know existed.

My son constantly showed me bravery, calmness, strength and happiness. With all that he was going through and all the challenges he faced he was always happy, bubbly, loving and the comedian of the family. His attitude taught me so much and enhanced my ability to deal with the cards we had been dealt.

Nothing  in life comes easy, even if you’re entitled,

and I encounter it a lot on our journey.

I believe by attending support groups, going to information meetings; getting as involved as I can so that I know what was available in our area; learning how processes and systems work along with other aspects that might impact our lives, has made it easier to navigate our lifestyle.

As he’s growing into adult, things changed again, and it’s a brand-new world in regards to him.

Preparing early on was key for me, helped to reduce stress and increases my ability to request what is needed prior to it being an urgency.

It was important for me to have the space and time to indulge in me, find my calling, do what I enjoyed, find time for self-care or anything that brings me peace. Once I figured that out and learnt the art, life became less stressful and more appealing. Humility and gratitude flow through me helping to flush out the sadness and darkness.

I always say to myself; ‘Raising children is not easy’ regardless of your situation, so having extra hurdles can feel daunting but always remember your strength and ability to grow and learn. Every day is a new day so if you did it yesterday you can do it today.’