Thank you for considering joining us as part of our crowdfunding team at YMSN’s Make the House a Home! Some frequently asked questions:

Do I have to donate through Spacehive, or can I do it differently?

Please use Spacehive if at all possible. There are two basic reasons:

  1. We have a £20,000 target to meet (plus £2,117 for Spacehive costs). If we meet it, Spacehive will take the money pledged by our donors out of their accounts and send it to us, but if we don’t meet it, we don’t get any money at all. Every penny helps make sure we meet that goal.
  2. Having all our donations come through the same place makes it much easier to keep our accounting transparent.

You can donate differently at any time, but it won’t count towards the crowdfunder goal.

Why does Spacehive give back the money if you don’t reach the goal?

Basically, to ensure accountability. Spacehive is set up to fund projects that have been properly costed and independently verified, which means that a crowdfunder that doesn’t meet its target can’t be completed according to the promises it made to donors. Since there are institutional funders supporting projects on Spacehive, who need to know that projects will be completed in the ways the proposal document laid out, the site’s policy is that every project needs to deliver on its projections.

What’s this talk of Direct Debits? Am I going to be billed every month?

No, it’s a one-off payment. The phrase ‘Direct Debit’ has understandably alarmed some of our patrons, but all it means in this situation is that it’s a payment that will be taken out of your account on a date after the date you pledge the money – in this case, after our deadline, which is 17 November. It’s a bit confusing at first sight, but don’t worry, you won’t be billed more than once!

What will happen if you don’t make your target?

As far as your donation is concerned, nothing: the money will simply stay in your account.

Does Spacehive keep the contact details of your donors so you can contact us to ask for different ways of donating if you don’t make your target?

Yes, we automatically receive donors’ e-mail address – but we’re very motivated to make sure we DO meet the target.

How will we know if you reach your target?

The website always shows an up-to-date funding total.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us