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I’ve recently returned from an all-inclusive family holiday

to the Dominican Republic with my two daughters.

A week of turquoise waters, white sands, and as many Pina Coladas as I can drink! Traveling with your children is seen as a luxury, especially nowadays with the aftermath of covid and the cost-of-living soaring. But, it isn’t as difficult as you may think. Although flights and hotel stays have gone up there are a few things that I did to ensure I was able to afford this holiday, whilst also returning with money in the bank!

My mum was the person who came up with the idea

of going to the Caribbean with a bunch of members of the family.

Firstly, I didn’t believe it would happen as with many of these group holidays they rarely leave the group chat. So, we searched on and found a great deal and started to apply pressure to book. In total, we managed to get 11 people on board and 4 of them were also mums.

I initially thought that it would be expensive and with me working part-time, I wasn’t sure if it would be possible, however, as it was January sales the price per person was a bargain. Also, the fact that it was January meant that we could pay off in instalments up to 2 months before we travelled in December – so we had all year to prepare and save.

So, with everything finalised and booked, I spent the year budgeting each month to ensure I paid off the holiday on time.

I used Monzo to create a ‘pot’ to save for spending money and I also purchased holiday bits and bobs anytime I saw something I needed for myself or for the kids. Paying off a holiday is by far the easiest way to do it – there’s flexibility in doing it this way because if there’s a month you have to pay less (maybe because of an unexpected bill) you’d just know the following months you’d need to adjust and pay slightly more.

The year went so fast! Before you knew it we had a month to go. That’s when everything began to feel a bit overwhelming, mainly because travelling with children you’re more cautious and have to make sure they have everything they need. I’m an avid list writer so I had many lists to keep me on track and to make sure I didn’t forget a thing! Plus, I always refer to this handy holiday checklist too.

On the morning of the holiday, everything ran so smoothly.

I was pleasantly surprised!

We took an Uber to London Bridge then it is just 2 stops from there to Gatwick. From the moment we left the house, Renae, my youngest was full of so much joy. Even the Uber ride was fun because it was a Tesla and she’s obsessed with learning about all of the functionalities of the car since she was told that it can drive itself!

The kids were buzzing and as much as I felt like I needed a holiday the best part of it all was seeing the excitement in them.