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Young Mums Support Network

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Practical Advice To Help Young Mums Tackle Complex Challenges.

We instil women with confidence, make them aware of skills and aspirations that they have and encourage their self development. We aim to grow all our projects across England, removing the stigma of underage pregnancy and help mums across the country realise their potential.

Young Mum

The first time I met Fiona at the children’s centre she brought a welcoming energy unlike other staff. Fiona has been very supportive with my ideas and has given me advice on what I need to do to achieve my goals.

Sonia MeggieCEO - Inspirational You

I have known Fiona for over 6 years and was immediately moved by her passion and drive to support others. She is a positive role model to many and demonstrates that triumph overcomes adversity. She has worked hard to change the lives of many women, both here and in the Jamaica, and does so with conviction.

Young Mum

I met Fiona when I was pregnant with my Daughter. I attended the YMSN group to get to know the other girls, some pregnant and some with children already. One of the many things that kept me going to the group was the fact that it was for young mums like myself so I didn’t feel left out or like the only person there who was a young mum.

Young Mum

From the first day I attended the children centre, Fiona was very welcoming and there was a good atmosphere. She was always very positive, always had a smile on her face and was very trusting, especially towards your ideas and plans: Nothing was impossible.

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Young Mums Support Network provides support, training and development to young mothers in deprived areas. We have formed partnerships with organisations including The NHS, The Harris Academy, Department of Work & Pensions and the local authority Housing Association